Earl Grey

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The Earl will see you now

Earl Grey Tea Liqueur
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Whistler’s Storm uses only the finest natural ingredients. The unparalleled taste is developed by using premium quality whole grain spirit and infusing it with superior grade loose-leaf tea. The meticulous ‘cold brew’ handcrafted process gives us the innovative liqueur that we see today. Plus, our range of liqueurs are gluten-free and vegan!

Expect a floral, aromatic and zesty flavour from this Earl Grey tea liqueur. Our delivery of the renowned flavour of this national favourite is devilishly moreish. That’s why it won the top medals of ‘Master’ and ‘Taste Master’ at the Spirits Business Liqueur Masters 2021.

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11 reviews for Earl Grey

  1. Rafi Adler

    Such a refreshing drink! Bought a bottle for my tea-loving sister and she loved it!

  2. Victoria

    I’m not a tea drinker so was sceptical, but tried this at a Christmas market and was so pleasantly surprised that I bought a bottle! So fresh and citrussy – love it over ice and even more so now the sun is shining.

  3. Marcus

    I bought both flavours (assam black and earl grey) both taste really good, distinctive tea flavours. enjoyed it on its own and also recommend mixing with lemonade if you like lemon iced tea

  4. ChelseaDisco

    The best new alcohol I’ve tried in years, cannot recommend whistlers storm enough! We’ve had both the Assam black and Earl grey and both are absolutely delicious! Earl grey is definitely the favourite in our house, zesty and a bit floral, the Assam is a deeper malty tea flavour. Both are really nice twist with champagne / Prosecco instead of usual champagne cocktails, and great with other mixers but it’s so smooth we mostly drink it on the rocks! 100% recommend

  5. Jonathan H

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this drink given I’ve never seen or tried anything like it before. However safe to say it definitely surpassed my expectations.

    I tried it on the rocks, with Prosecco and lemonade and all 3 combinations were really easy to drink and tasted amazing, with the flavour of the tea really coming through.

    I’ll definitely be buying again, for myself and as a gift for some of my tea-loving friends .

  6. Josh Chapman

    Love the Earl Grey flavour. I tend to drink Earl Grey throughout the day, so to be able to enjoy this on a Friday night is even more satisfying. Recommend this on the rocks as its tastes great on its own! Look forward to buying again!

  7. Alex Howard

    This flavor is absolutely delicious. Love having on the rocks, with lemonade and even with proseccco if I’m after bubbles. I plan to have whistlers storm in my beverage rotation for years to come!

  8. Rachel

    I’m not a big drinker so it spoke volumes when I bought a bottle of this (Earl Grey) after a tester at Manchester Food Festival! It’s delicious. I expected a bitter flavour but it’s not; it’s mild enough for me to be able to enjoy on the rocks and has a very pleasant, unique caramel-like after taste. I look forward to buying this as a gift in the future and will definitely be stocking up for myself

  9. Amy Caldwell

    Tried this at Nantwich Food Festival & loved it. Bought 2 bottles of Earl Grey which is like nectar on its own. Followed the recipes to enjoy it in different ways & I’m now placing an order online to top up my supplies. Congratulations on creating a unique & delicious light enjoyable tipple 🍸👍
    Send some to celeb chefs like James Martin or drink connoisseur Olly Smith to promote this product to get the recognition it deserves.

  10. Bethany keany

    Brought a bottle of Earl grey today at the nantwich food festival and wow. I have never had something that tastes like this before it’s so addictive and tasty. So far I’ve had it over ice and it’s so smooth and delicious I think I’ll definitely be a permanent buyer and at only £25 a bottle it feels like a steal. Recommend to anyone to give it a try

  11. Rosie

    Perchest for my boyfriend at a market. He loves it

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