Cold Brew Tea Liqueur

Whistler’s Storm is the finest alcoholic tea brand to hit the market.
Our award-winning liqueurs offer something new and exciting; a unique, flavoursome pairing of two quintessentially British pastimes: tea drinking and, well, drinking…

Perfect for gifting 20cl Gift Sets - available now!

Whistler’s Storm Tea Liqueur 3x20cl Gift Set

This exquisite set of tea liqueurs, featuring a 20cl bottle of our Assam Black, Earl Grey, and Masala Chai, is the ideal gift for the discerning palate.

Each bottle showcases the depth and complexity of these beloved tea blends, transformed into luxurious spirits.

Assam Black Tea Liqueur

Discover more about our irresistible and malty Assam Black tea liqueur

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Earl Grey Tea Liqueur

Discover more about our smooth and citrussy Earl Grey tea liqueur

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Lapsang Souchong Tea Liqueur

Discover more about our smoky and bold Lapsang Souchong liqueur

Masala Chai Tea Liqueur

Discover more about our spiced and aromatic Masala Chai liqueur

What is a Cold Brew Tea Liqueur?

A brew with a twist

How do I enjoy Whistler's Storm?

It’s actually suitable for both drinking and cooking, so it’s perfect for a refreshing cocktail or a naughty pudding!

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