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Whistler’s Storm Cold Brew Tea Liqueur

A Brew with a twist

Founder of Whistler’s Storm

Our Story

The idea for Whistler’s Storm planted itself in Dom (our lovely founder)’s mind in a Keralan tea field back in 2019.

The process of producing the Camellia Sinensis (i.e., the tea plant) had Dom absolutely captivated! It’s the leaves and buds of this plant that become the tea that we are so mad for here in the U.K., and Dom got busy immersing himself in this world like a teabag in a freshly brewed pot.

This new appreciation for tea got Dom thinking – what if he could make a brand-new product that combined his passion for tea with the U.K.’s two historic pastimes… tea-drinking, and drinking!

Dom had a pre-existing passion for innovative alcoholic drinks and this trip was the catalyst for the Whistler’s Storm brand. Many months and many enjoyable tasting sessions later, Whistler’s Storm Tea Liqueur was born…

We’re a Birmingham-based independent brand committed to using high-quality loose tea leaves to create the best possible products. We cold brew each batch for an extended period of time to release the incredible flavour that has us popping bottles left, right and centre (responsibly, of course).

This slower, more gentle diffusion process results in a smoother and more flavoursome drink making it very versatile when it comes to recipes!
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