Whistler’s Refresher

30ml Whistler’s Storm (your choice of flavour)

30ml gin

20ml lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

Top off with soda water

Pour over ice then stir

This refreshing gin cocktail is suitable with any Whistler’s Storm tea liqueur, whether it's the robust Assam, the aromatic and exotic Masala Chai or the citrusy Earl Grey.

Combine your chosen cold brew tea with gin, infusing the tea liqueur blend with a burst of botanical goodness. Enhance the mix with the zesty tang of lemon juice and sugar syrup, perfectly balancing the flavours then top off this revitalizing concoction with effervescent soda water, creating a cascade of bubbles that awaken the senses.

Whistler’s Refresher is the ideal companion for warm afternoons, outdoor gatherings, or any occasion where refreshment is needed.
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