Assam’s Perfect Storm

15ml Bourbon

40ml Whistler’s Storm Assam Black

20ml lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

25ml egg white or aquafaba (Ve)

Shake with ice, then strain

Cheers to a tea cocktail that captures the spirit of Bourbon, the soul of Assam, and the refreshing chill of cold-brewed tea!

Indulge in the harmonious blend of rich Bourbon, the robust essence of Whistler's Storm Assam Black tea liqueur, and the tangy allure of fresh lemon juice in this enticing tea-infused cocktail.
Crafted to perfection, it is a balanced symphony of flavours, further enhanced by the subtle sweetness of sugar syrup and the velvety texture of egg white or aquafaba.
Whistler's Storm Assam Black tea liqueur brings a delightful twist, infusing it with the essence of cold-brewed goodness.

Assam's Perfect Storm transcends the ordinary, leaving an enduring impression on your palate. Savour each sip of this elegant creation that combines the essence of sweet tea and iced tea, making it a perfect companion for warm summer evenings or cozy winter nights.

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